Rescue Fire Company is one of the three volunteer fire companies located in Susquehanna Township just north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. For over 60 years, our dedicated members have provided around the clock protection for Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County, and the surrounding communities. Our company operates as the heavy rescue unit for the township providing a number of technical rescue and fire suppression capabilities. It is our mission to provide highly skilled emergency services for the betterment of public safety.


100% Volunteer

We are proud to be a 100% volunteer organization. Our members consist of residents of the community.¬† By remaining all volunteer, we have been able to provide¬† dedicated emergency services at a limited cost to the taxpayer. Last year alone, our emergency calls and training logged over 7,000 hours of volunteer service (and that doesn’t include the countless hours of meetings and prep work needed to run the company). We are proud to serve the community that we live in.


Our History

John E. “Pop” Schreadley was all things to the Rescue Fire Company #1 of Susquehanna Township . . . . . Founder, Benefactor, Faithful Member and Friend. Pop dreamed of having a Fire Company in the Estherton section of Susquehanna Township. So when the city of Harrisburg was selling a 1925 American LaFrance Pumper used by the Royal Fire Company, Pop bid $700 and had himself a Fire Engine. In the summer of 1950, “Estherton Fire Company #1” was organized. One week later, the company adopted the name “Rescue Fire Company #1”.

In its early days, the Company had its share of problems. Susquehanna Township needed more fire hydrants. The company needed a firehouse….. and money to buy one. A group of Rescue Fire Fighters organized a “junk crew”. They collected enough rags, paper, and iron to raise $700 to buy a property lot at Sixth Street and Estherton Avenue. Ground breaking was held in 1951 and the firehouse was built and in use by the next year.

More than 60 years

Rescue Fire Company has been protecting the community.

100% Volunteer

  • Teachers
  • Plumbers
  • Engineers
  • Students
  • Fathers
  • Mothers
  • And More...

1925 American LaFrance Pumper

During the early years, “Pop” Schreadley was everywhere: on the engine responding to alarms, at a fund raising event donating the first $10, at fire company meetings where he enjoyed a good argument, and at the firehouse in the middle of the night to hear about a call he missed. With his spittoon at his side and a smile on his face, he was a beloved “Pop” to all. Pop died in 1955 and the company erected a bronze plaque in the firehouse in his memory.

Over the years, the company has responded to all sorts of disasters — the Herbert Hoover Elementary School fire in 1954, the Earl Latsha Lumber Yard fire of 1969. Fires at John Staffs in 1968 and 1969, the Herre Brothers’ fire of 1969 and Hurricane Agnes in 1972. Rescue continued to serve the residents of Susquehanna Township. Members have noted other fires of the past including the Tuscarora Street fire in 1974, TRW in 1986, the fatal Montfort Drive fire in 1987 and the Mountaindale fire in 1990.

Rescue Fire Company continued to grow over the last six decades, increasing both its equipment and number of firefighters. We now have 10 rescue and fire apparatus, a water rescue fleet, over 30 active firefighters, and over 80 members.

Mack Rescue

Later sold to Penn Township, Cumberland County