Rescue Fire Company is located in Susquehanna Township, adjoining the north and west edges of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Susquehanna Township is home to more than 24,000 residents and encompasses 15.2 square miles of Dauphin County. Fire protection for the township is provided by three volunteer fire companies – Rescue Fire Company, Progress Fire Company, and Edgemont Fire Company.

Rescue Fire Company has 10 boxes in its primary response district covering 4 square miles of the township and highways. In addition, we are responsible for a 2 mile stretch of the Susquehanna River. Rescue Fire Company runs mutual aid for the City of Harrisburg as well as a number of bordering districts in Dauphin, Perry, and Cumberland Counties.

Susquehanna Township and its neighbors are comprised of a wide variety of structures and industries. Although the majority of these areas are single-family residential, they are also home to mid-rise structures, high-rise structures, strip malls, high-life residential, row homes, schools, rural structures, industrial complexes, rail yards, water treatment plants, interstates, and more.

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