Rescue Fire Company has a number of emergency response apparatus spread between our two Stations. These vehicles provide for a wide range of emergency services capabilities from fire suppression to technical rescue. Each is outfitted for a specific purpose and tailored to the needs of the Susquehanna valley.

Engine 37 – Engine Personality, Truck Attitude.

Engine 37-1 – 1,000 gallons in 40 seconds.

Rescue 37 – TheĀ  Mobile Toolbox

Tanker 37 – 16,640 lbs of water at up to 62 mph.

Squad 37 – Over a dozen saves and counting.

Special Unit 37 – Station to ramp in 2 minutes.

Water Rescue Fleet – Water. Rapids. Ice. Conquered.

Command 37 – First to Arrive, Last to Leave

Lighting Unit 37 – Illuminating.

Retired Apparatus – Remembered and Respected