Engine 37-1 is a 2008 Pierce Quantum with a 1500 gal./min pump and 1000 gal. tank. It carries 1800′ of 5″ supply line, 4 pre-connected 200′ attack lines with TaskForce automatic nozzles, and a 150′ trash line on the bumper. Its ladder compliment includes a 28′ extension ladder, 14′ roof ladder, and attic ladder. To support Rescue Fire Company’s core function of a rescue unit, Engine 37-1 carries a portable hydraulic pump, combo tool, basic cribbing, struts, and crash kit.  Engine 37-1 is also outfitted with medical equipment and AED for basic life support. This engine seats 8 fire fighters, with 5 seats having SCBAs. This engine is housed at our Station 1 located on N. 6th Street.