Over our 60 year history, we have had a number of faithful servants. These apparatus were as much a part of Rescue Fire Company as its members. They are remembered fondly and their service will never be forgotten.

1928 American Lafrance
1940 Buick Emergency Car
1953 Dodge Brucco









The Dodge as it was known was a 1953 Dodge Brucco. The dodge was a 9 man cab that was one of a kind in the area. The enclosed cab was a welcomed piece of apparatus to the members as it kept the guys out of the elements. The Dodge was purchased from Bruco in Altoona for $10,000. It had a 750 GPM pump, 500 gallon water tank, and carried an assortment of equipment and hose. The Dodge fought many fires in the area with the more memorable ones being The Herbert Hoover and Latsha Lumber fires. The last pumping fire for the Dodge was a 32 box on Walker Mill Rd. when then Asst. Chief Gutshall took it from his residence and put first water on the fire with help from Dad (Chief Gutshall). The Dodge was replaced by a 1976 Hahn which was then donated to Muhall OK. Once retired the Dodge spent a short time serving the Dauphin Fire Company (38) while their engine was getting refurbed. The Dodge was then sold to Chief Gutshall in 1985 for $1.00 and still serves the company as a parade piece. As many of the old timers know the Dodge served the fire company well and furthermore left us with alot of memories.


1963 International Hahn
1974 International – Rescue 37









1982 R-Model Mack


The 1982 R-Model Mack Tanker had seating for 2 Firefighers. It could carry 2100 gal. of water, had a 450 gpm pump, and carried portable pumps and other rural water supply equipment.




1976 Hahn – Engine 37-2
1987 Mack-Swab – Rescue 37








1976 Hahn – Engine 37-2
1987 Mack-Swab – Rescue 37






1992 Spartan-Darley – Engine 37



Former Engine 37 was a 1992 Spartan/Darley. It had a 750 gallon tank and could pump at 1500 GPM. It carried 1300′ of 5″ supply line and 600′ of 3″. It seated up to 10 Firefighters and served the Rescue Fire Company until 2008.