Tanker 37 is a 2011 Freightliner/Pierce ordered and purchased from Pierce manufacturing. The tanker is capable of carrying 2000 gallons of water and has a 500 gpm PTO driven pump. The hose bed consists of 1000′ of 3″ supply line and 200ft. of 5″ supply line. There are two crosslays situated overtop of the pump pannel each 200′ in length with TFT nozzles on each. Additional carried equipment: adaptors and appliances, low level strainer, set of irons, brush rakes, 2-4′ pike poles, foam eductor, 25 gallons of foam, 2100 gallon fold-da-tank, floating pump, and forrestry hose. The tanker is dedicated to the first chief of Rescue, Chief Richard Bennar.