As a new member you will enter what is called “Probationary” status. During this period you will be oriented to the fire service and begin your essentials of fire fighting training. This will prepare you for operating on your own as an emergency responder. We require that all probationary members without prior fire fighting experience complete the following state-level classes and certifications within the first 2 years.

These courses are offered either in-house or at HACC’s Public Safety Training Center. They are offered on weeknights and weekends. We assist you with registering for these courses and all course expenses are covered by Rescue Fire Company. In addition to these courses, you will be required to complete our in-house Engine Company Operations training that will help you familiarize yourself with our equipment, standard operating procedures, and coverage area. While you progress through your training, you won’t be left on the sidelines. Probationary members may participate in emergency calls and operate in accordance with their qualifications.

For those of you who may already have some or all of this prerequisite training, your certifications will be reviewed by our Line Officers who will determine your qualification level.